The organization hierarchy was set up in the initial onboarding process with the assistance of the organizational Admin and the Onboarding Specialist. The purpose of the hierarchy is to determine how the reporting structure is set up in the SurveyVitals portal. There is some flexibility for how divisions roll data up–meaning the survey data within and below their tier will be in that division reporting section. Providers will always be in the bottom tier but may practice within multiple facilities/divisions/areas.

Once the organization hierarchy has been set up and surveys are running, it cannot be readily changed or modified without the potential of losing historical data points in the trending graphs on the dashboard portal. For this reason, the organization hierarchy can only be edited by a member of SurveyVitals staff.

If you have any questions regarding the organizational hierarchy, or if you would like to see if it can be modified, please contact your Onboarding Specialist or Client Success Manager.

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