The foundation of quality feedback starts with a clean, up-to-date, and accurate list of patient cases exported from your data system. Getting data from your EHR, EMR, Billing, or Practice Management Software is an essential component of having a truly hands-off delivery process.

Upload or import data to the SurveyVitals system via two methods:

SurveyVitals API (recommended)

The SurveyVitals API enables you and your IT department to securely transfer Patient Files programmatically via HTTP requests. Learn more about this automated delivery process.

Manual Upload

Alternatively, your organization can choose to manually upload patient data files via your secure online portal. However, we strongly recommend that your organization upload patient files on a frequent and consistent basis in order to get the most out of your SurveyVitals solution. Regular data uploads ensure your patients continue to receive surveys and you receive email alerts and notifications.

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