If you are looking to automate the patient data file upload process, we can help! The SurveyVitals API enables you and your IT department to securely transfer patient files programmatically via HTTP requests.

What are the criteria for automation?

  1. The patient data file must be able to be extracted automatically by scheduled/server task in the same validated format every time.

  2. The file will need to be placed in the same designated folder on the server on the workstation each time that has access to the internet.

  3. A scheduled/server task will need to be created to then run a batch file (See API/Web Service info) that will then pick up the file and send it to the SurveyVitals system.

If this can be done, SurveyVitals can set up automation for the file extract transfer. Included is the API/Web Service documentation link below. The system does not accept FTP transfers and does not go out and pick up the files. Note: We have helped set up file transfers through the “MOVE IT Central” application before.

Will it work for me?

If you can write the script to send us the patient data file, yes.

Is the SurveyVitals API secure?

The SurveyVitals API transfers Patient Files using secure, HIPAA compliant, standard technologies. The SurveyVitals API utilizes SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

What are the Organization Key and API Key?

These two keys are a unique sequence of characters used to authenticate the file transfer. You can think of them as a Username and Password. Because they are unique, and because they identify your SurveyVitals account, they must be safe-guarded. Never share your Organization Key or API Key with third parties.

What is the Profile Key?

The Profile Key is the unique value associated with your custom profile mapping(s). This can be found in the File Profile tab or above with the other keys.

Sending HTTP Post with cURL – Windows

What is cURL? cURL is an open source library that works across many systems. It’s a reliable and secure way to transfer files over HTTP POST from the command line. It will allow you to send your patient data to our API URL using SSL without much work.

For more documentation or if you are ready to set up the API cURL, click here.

More questions about automating the patient data file upload process? Contact your Onboarding Specialist or Client Success Manager (look for the ‘Support Team’ tile on your dashboard).

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