If not using SurveyVitals API, organizations have the option to manually upload patient data files via their secure, online portal.

Follow these steps to upload a patient data file:

1. Before you are able to upload a patient data file, you must have a data profile set up. If you have not completed this step, set one up now.

2. Once you have created a data profile, navigate to the ‘Upload & Status Page’ under the ‘Data’ drop down in the sidebar.

3. Click ‘New Patient File.’

4. This will prompt you with a new window that will allow you to upload a file. Select your data profile and browse to upload the patient file. Once you select ‘Submit,’ the SurveyVitals system will begin sending surveys to eligible patients within approximately three minutes.

Still having trouble uploading a patient data file? Contact a member of your support team (look for the ‘Support Team’ tile on your dashboard) for assistance.

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