A provider photo can boost patient recall and even increase survey scores.

How to Upload and Approve a Provider Photo
To upload a photo for a provider, click on the ‘Users’ tab under the ‘Admin’ drop -down in the side navigation.

From the Manage Users page, select the provider whose photo you would like to update. Click the ‘Edit’ (pen) icon next to a provider’s default image.

Next, click ‘Modify’. Browse to upload a file, or you may drag and drop the photo. Click ‘Save Image.’

Note: For proper display, images must be at least 500 x 500 pixels.

*Please note that photos must be approved by an ‘Organization’ user before they go live and are displayed on patient surveys.

How to Approve Provider Photos

Organization users must approve all provider photos before they actively appear on patient surveys.

Organization users can approve provider photos by going to the ‘Users’ tab under the ‘Admin’ drop down in the sidebar navigation. Users who need to have a provider photo approved will appear in red. Click on the user whose photo you wish to set live and click ‘Approve’ on the pop-up modal.

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