The dashboard serves as your SurveyVitals command center. From your dashboard, you can navigate through your organizational data using the main navigation menu and an assortment of tiles.


The tiles on the front page of your dashboard give a high level overview of your organization’s statistics. By scanning your tiles, you can quickly assess recent performance metrics. 

The default date range for the data displayed in the tiles is 30 days; you can view data for 60, 90, or 180 days using the drop-down in the upper right corner. You may also reorder tiles using the ‘Edit Dashboard’ button.

This tile displays the number of surveys, alerts, and contact requests (organization and division level only) received today. For organization level users, these numbers reflect all divisions and providers in the organization. 

Accompanying line graphs show percentile rank (for applicable surveys) and mean trends over time for all surveys with visible tiles. Hover over any line on the graph to see which survey it represents.

Survey Tile

Individual survey tiles provide a quick snapshot of overall performance for the selected date range. 

Organization and division level users can see composite rank (select surveys only) and mean, response rates, best and worst performance areas, alerts, top and bottom divisions (based on national percentile rank), and data upload quality. 

Providers can see composite rank (select surveys only) and mean, response rates, alerts, and best and worst performance areas.

You can choose to hide certain data from this tile by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner. The ability to toggle between Percentile Rank and Mean for the Main Metric Display is only available for certain surveys.

On the survey tile, a green ‘up’ arrow shows improvement during the selected time period; a red ‘down’ arrow indicates a decline in score. This change is calculated by comparing the selected time frame to the equivalent amount of time prior (i.e., comparison of the last 30 days to the 30 days before that).

To view more detailed data for a survey, click the ‘Details’ link in the upper right corner of any survey tile to navigate to the details dashboard.

User Engagement Tile (Admin Only)

The User Engagement tile displays login (portal and mobile app) and email open rate trends over the selected time period. A green triangle indicates an increase in engagement, while a red triangle indicates a decrease.

Achievements Tile (Admin Only)

Here is where you will find the Top 10% Awards earned by divisions in your organization. To view awards not listed on the tile, click the ‘...and more’ link. Learn more about Top 10% Awards here.  

The left navigation menu is where you will find all the tools and features of your solution.

Alerts takes you to the Alerts page where you can view all of your patient comments, low score alerts, and contact requests (admin only).

Reports & Comments offers several options: Report Builder, Location & Provider Details (admin only), and survey Detail Dashboard.

Challenge is where you can participate in friendly competition to drive improvement via Challenge Mode.

Data (admin only) lets you view upload status, set up API, upload files, and submit test files.

Admin is the portal to Administrator actions such as user management, patient opt-out, and location mapping.

Customize Survey (admin only) lets you access Question Bank and customize your SMS (text) options, email survey messaging, and audio introduction for IVR surveys.

Online Reputation (admin only) is where you can manage the Provider Widget and Public Review features.

Improvement Center is a library of articles and videos to help you target improvement in specific areas.

Help directs you to the Help Center, where you can find additional information and tutorials about all aspects of your solution.

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