We survey 100 percent of your eligible patients to get the most viable feedback possible so those patients who give wrong answers normalize into the more meaningful average scores to give you an overall perception from your average patient, rather than from one or two extremes. With over 12 million surveys in our baseline, which is growing significantly every quarter, we continue to have a statistically valid comparative for you to utilize against your own scores. Our system has been endorsed by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and was given a Cronbach’s alpha of .9 (excellent).

Patient error occurs most often on the IVR phone calls. We recommend a few updates to your phone system and continue to recommend your team do everything it can to gather email addresses, which will lower response rate via IVR. We understand it can be hard to gather phone numbers, specifically for SMS surveys, but if there is a way for you to do so easily, we recommend it. Additionally, there is a script that you can use or edit that can help lower the rate of error on IVR. The other option is to turn off IVR completely if you feel the level of error is too detrimental from your perspective. This is completely up to you.

Can I change the patient’s response if it was an error?

While it’s unfortunate if a patient enters the wrong response on a survey, in order to maintain the statistical integrity of our surveys we are unable to change any patient responses.

In order to mitigate the odds of patient error when taking a survey, we have created scripts for the IVR to help patients understand how the survey works. Here is the script that we have developed and tested to help users reduce patient error on IVR surveys:

“This is Dr. XYZ with (location name). You recently interacted with one of our Anesthesia providers and we would appreciate your feedback. A few minutes of your time will help us ensure you, and other patients, receive great care. Answering these questions is completely optional and should take only a few moments. Whether you decide to participate, or not, the healthcare you receive will not be affected and your responses are private. As a reminder this survey is in regards to your Anesthesia Care only. A 5 is the most positive score and a 1 is the most negative. Thank you for your time.”

Please let your support team know how they can assist or expound on these options.

Follow the link below to navigate to your IVR Settings (portal login required), where you can implement the script into your system.

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