Use SurveyVitals Report Builder to generate custom reports and gain valuable insights into your organization’s performance with just a few clicks.  

When you use the Report Builder to create reports, you can view survey results at the organization, division, or provider level. You can compare up to five parts of your organization at a time, making it easy to quickly compare providers or divisions against each other. Additionally, reports can be geographically based on region so you can compare your group against similar groups in nearby states.

Patient comments are one of the most valuable components of the report builder. Comments let you see how patients describe their experience, and can be used to quickly identify improvement areas.

Studies have shown that on a five point scale, a consumer that rates a 5 is much more likely to remain a loyal customer than one that rates a 4 or 3. That’s why we’ve included a By the 5s (Top Box) report, so you can see which questions or question areas patients are rating their experience the highest.

Most of the report metrics have multiple views so that you can view your data in whichever format is best suited for your needs. Whether you need raw data, a line chart, a bar chart, or a list of patient comments, the Report Builder can help you find the information that you need.

If you would like to take your data with you, there is the option to print and download your raw data on the Report Builder. Once you generate your custom report, you can choose to either print the data or download it as a CSV file.

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