Use SurveyVitals Report Builder to create custom reports to compare your organization, division, or provider survey results against national and specialty baselines. Select customized date ranges and apply filters such as facility type to view question-by-question data, observe trends, and analyze audio and text comments. 

How to Create a Report 

Go to 'Report Builder' 

Access the 'Report Builder' page from the sidebar navigation menu under the 'Reports & Comments' tab. 

Select survey and date range

Select the survey and desired date range for your report. Default time selections are available for quick access.

  • Last 3 Months

  • Last Quarter

  • Last Year

  • This Year

  • 30 Days

  • 60 Days

  • 90 Days

  • 180 Days

To create a report for a specific date range, select the 'Custom' option from the 'Days' drop down and select a start and end date.

Choose your data

Specify which data you would like to view in the report. You can make up to five selections per report. Available selections include:

  • Organization

  • Division (select from your available divisions or locations)

  • Providers (select from your provider users)

  • National survey benchmark

  • Specialty benchmark

For each of your report selections, you may click the Filter link to apply additional filters such as date range, specialty, location, size, and facility type.

Run the Report

Once you have selected your criteria, click 'Run Report.' Data will populate 


What's Next?

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