Patient comments are one of the most valuable resources available in your portal. Qualitative text comments can help expand upon a patient’s quantitative rating and can be used to drive improvement throughout your organization.

To access your patient comments, select the ‘Report Builder’ link from the ‘Reports & Comments’ drop down in the sidebar menu on the left.

On the report page, select the survey and timeframe for the comments you would like to view. Specify which data you would like to compare and then select ‘Run Report.’

When your report generates, you will be able to view any patient comments that were submitted during your selected timeframe and survey. Scroll down to the question that you would like to view and click ‘Show Comments’ to view patient comments. 

Organization users can view comments for all divisions and providers; division users can view comments for all providers within their division; providers can view only their own comments.

Additionally, you may view patient comments on the Alerts page by selecting the ‘Alerts’ tab on the sidebar menu. This will navigate you to a page where you can view surveys that generated a low score alert and see what comments the corresponding patient left. Note that only surveys with low scores appear on the Alerts page, so comments left on surveys with all positive scores can only be viewed through the Report Builder.

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