All of your raw data is readily available in your portal to download (admin users only) and print. Select ‘Report Builder’ from the ‘Reports & Comments’ drop-down in the sidebar menu.

On the report page, choose your criteria to create your custom report. Once you have selected your criteria, click ‘Run Report.’

Once your report generates, locate the buttons in the top right corner of the page which provide the option to download your raw data or print the report. 

Note: Data downloads will be in CSV format. Comments may be downloaded in either CSV or PDF format.

In the Data Download pop-up, first select the entity whose data you wish to download. Then choose from the options below to customize your data download.

Data Type

  • ‘Raw Data (CSV)’ will download a CSV file of your survey responses and comments.

  • ‘Comments’ will display comment export options; choose your preferred file type and use the Selection checkboxes to specify which comments to include in your download.

CSV Column Type (for Raw Data only)

  • ‘Show Question Number’ will display only the survey question ID, without text, in the column headers of your CSV file

  • ‘Show Question Text’ will display only the question text, without a question ID, in the column headers

  • ‘Show Question Number and Text’ will display both the survey question ID and the question text in the column headers

Download Type (for Raw Data only): Choose whether or not you want to include questions if there are no responses for the entity or time period specified.

When you are finished selecting your download options, click ‘Download.’

For non-Likert scale survey questions, you may need to reference the Raw Data Download Answer Key.

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