After selecting your criteria on the Report Builder screen and clicking ‘Run Report,’ your report will generate. Data is displayed in a variety of modules.

Overview: The Overview section displays the number of surveys, best and worst areas, By the 5s (Top Box), and composite means for your selections.

Question Area Mean vs Time: This line graph compares the mean vs. time for all question areas for your selections. The graph may display by every other day, by week, or by month, depending on the timeframe you chose for your report.

Question Area Breakdown: The Question Area Breakdown bar chart gives a quick comparison of overall scores for each question area. The ‘Details’ link below the bar chart displays line graphs for each question area for a more detailed breakdown.

By the 5s (Top Box): The ‘By the 5s (Top Box)' section compares the percentage of 5s for each of your selections in a variety of views (or percentage of most positive answer on the response scale for digital CAHPS surveys administered via the SurveyVitals platform).

Question by Question Breakdown: Bar charts compare data across all selections for each survey question. The ‘Response Counts’ link under each question shows the number of responses for each selection. The ‘Answer Distribution Table’ link displays data in a heat map format, as well as a quick glance at By the 5s/Top Box for that question.

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