Location & Provider Details (LAPD), available to organization and division-level users, allows for you to quickly sort, filter, and rank a specified set of divisions or providers.

Run the Report

Access Location & Provider Details from the ‘Reports & Comments’ tab in your portal.

Select a survey, date range, and choose to view results by division or provider. Organization-level users will see all providers and their performance across all divisions where they practice within the organization. Division-level users will see only the providers and their performance data for that particular division.

Click ‘Update’ to generate results; the data will not update until this button is selected. The results will populate below the report criteria.

Filter the Data

The filtering options appear under the criteria selection at the top of the page.

Show/Hide Columns

The ‘Show/Hide Columns’ button allows you to hide categories of data from the results. A check mark displays next to the visible columns and an ‘X’ displays next to hidden columns. Click any column name in the list to toggle the visibility on or off.


The ‘Filters’ button allows you to set minimum values for the data displayed in your report. For example, choose to view only results with a survey count of 200 or higher. Additionally, you can use the ‘Search’ field to narrow division or provider results by name, such as ‘family practice’ or ‘hospital.’


Choose the ‘Organization’ or ‘National’ buttons to add corresponding benchmark data to the top of your report results. The ‘Specialty’ drop-down allows you to choose specialty benchmark to display. Benchmark data includes survey count and question group Percentile Rank and Mean Score.

View the Data

You can sort any column, including question groups, by clicking on the column header. 

The default number of rows displayed per page is 25; to view fewer or more (up to 100) per page, use the drop-down at the bottom of the report.

Question group data is color-coded in a heat map to help you quickly gauge performance across your organization in specific areas based on percentile ranking. Note: Percentile ranking is available for select surveys; when unavailable, mean score will display.

User engagement data is reflective of both portal and mobile app logins.

Provider Scorecard

Clicking on any provider row in your data will display a provider scorecard. This snapshot quickly breaks down a provider’s mean score, survey count, and question group performance across divisions for the date range selected. 

Select the Organization, National, or Specialty buttons at the top of the scorecard to display the corresponding benchmark data above the provider’s data. The Show/Hide Rows drop-down lets you choose to view locations for which the provider has not received surveys, as well as upper divisions.

An All Divisions button appears for division-level users. This button adds a row displaying the overall scores across all divisions where the provider practices in the organization. Note: only the overall score for all divisions displays; division-level detail is only available for divisions which the user has access to.

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