Eighty-eight percent of people look to online resources when choosing a healthcare provider. However, a small number of unverified reviews can leave prospective patients with an unreliable portrayal of your quality and service.

The SurveyVitals Public Review tool is designed to give providers and organizations a proactive approach to online reputation by driving verified patient reviews and star-ratings to build your online brand.

How it Works

After completion of an online survey, your verified patients are immediately directed to the Public Review interface (pictured below) where they have the option to provide public-facing feedback in two places:

  • Provider profile page, accessible by search engines. Star ratings are derived from the composite score of their completed survey and are displayed alongside an optional comment. Leverage survey traffic to increase your google search rank over time.

  • Social media sites like Yelp and Facebook, as determined by your organization.

When Public Review is enabled, you can also choose a certain percentage of your patients to send directly to your Google Business reviews page upon completion of a survey. Learn more about this feature here

Public Review also allows for the use custom call-to-action buttons. These buttons can be used to direct patients to your website, to schedule an appointment, or another action of your choosing.

Interested in learning more about public review? Contact your client account manager or get started setting it up now

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