The Public Review feature allows your verified patients the chance to share their experiences online with others to help you build your online brand.  Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Public Review. 

How do I enable public review?
After logging into your portal, expand the ‘Online Reputation’ menu on the left and choose ‘Public Review Settings.’ To turn on the feature, click ‘Enable Public Reviews’ at the top of the page. Once you have accepted the opt-in disclaimer, you can update your settings. Please note you must have ‘Organization’ user permissions in order to enable this feature.

First, specify for which surveys Public Review should be turned on. Then add the links to any or all of your organization’s social media pages, if desired. Under ‘Call to Action,’ add your organization’s website URL and phone number, and a custom message to display on the button for each. When you are finished, click ‘Save Changes’ and watch the reviews start to roll in.

What about additional social media platforms?
At this time, you can choose to link to your Facebook and Yelp accounts through the portal. The patient can access these pages via buttons for each of your linked accounts on the public review page to navigate away from Public Review and leave a review. 

Please note that due to these sites' API restrictions, patients will need to be logged in or log in to their personal accounts to leave a comment on these platforms.

How do I use Public Review to drive patients to my Google Business reviews page?
When Public Review is enabled, you can add a link to your Google Business reviews page. You can specify a percentage of your patients to route directly to this page upon completion of a survey. Click here to learn more and to set up this feature.

Patient names and photos display on Google reviews; is Public Review + Google HIPAA-compliant?
When enabled, Google forwarding sends patients directly to your Google Business review page. Leaving a Google review is voluntary and patients may choose whether or not to participate. HIPAA governs the way that Covered Entities and Business associates may use and disclose PHI. However, patients are always free to disclose their own PHI and in this case, the patient is choosing to make their review public.

Can I forward to Yelp instead of Google?

We highly recommend that you forward patients to your Google Business review form rather than your Yelp page. Google is the most widely referenced online review platform. Additionally, Yelp uses an automated software to look at certain aspects of reviews to determine which ones to showcase. This means not every review a patient submits to Yelp will display on your main business page, nor will they all contribute to your overall star rating.

Can I choose to display only positive comments?
To remove bias and ensure these pages serve as a credible source, all comments, both positive and negative, will be displayed on provider’s public profile page. However, it’s worth noting that over 80% of patients rate their provider 4.5 stars and above. Publicly, a 4.5 star rating can reflect positively on a provider and help to solidify their online reputation. However, that same provider with 4.5 stars is very likely in the bottom 10 percent when compared against peers. 

Can my organization turn Public Review on for some providers and off for others?
Not at this time. Currently, Public Review must be enabled or disabled on a global basis. Meaning, if Public Review is enabled for your organization, patients will be delivered to the Public Review interface after completion of a SurveyVitals survey for all active providers within your organization. SurveyVitals is working to release version two in the near future, which will include the ability to adjust settings on a more granular basis, such as per division or provider.

What is the difference between setting up Public Review at the organization level vs. individual?
On the Public Review Settings page, toggling the ‘Enable Organization Public Review’ switch on will disable provider-specific Public Review pages. Organization Public Review displays star ratings and comments on one page for all providers in your organization. If you do not enable this switch, each provider in your organization will have an individual Public Review page.

Can the same patient leave a review every time they complete a survey?
Once the 60-day blackout period has ended, a patient may add a comment each time they receive and complete a new survey for the provider.

Once a comment is submitted, can the patient go back and edit it?
Comments may not be edited or deleted by the patient once submitted.

Can anyone on the web leave a public comment, even if they haven’t completed a survey?
Public comments can be made only by verified patients at the time of completion of a SurveyVitals survey. However, provider profile pages are accessible via search engines and online users may access your linked social media accounts as well as your custom call to action buttons (i.e schedule an appointment, visit website etc.)

Can I reply to comments online, publicly?
At this time, there is not a reply function in the Public Review feature.

How will my individual Public Review page help boost SEO?
There are a couple ways that public reviews can help SEO. First, each review page will contain a link to your website. Building links is an essential piece of SEO that can help to drive traffic to your site. Second, Google considers public reviews in its search engine ratings. Driving survey traffic and having patients leave reviews on social media platforms and the SurveyVitals static pages will help to increase your overall SEO ratings.

Can my Public Review page be shared by either myself or my patients?
Yes! The ‘Share’ button under your provider information allows you and your patients to share the page via Facebook, Google, and email.

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