Drive verified patients to your Google Business reviews page and increase your search rank using SurveyVitals Public Review. Our Google forwarding feature allows you to route a percentage of your patients to leave a Google Business review for your organization or a specific practice location. 

How it works

When Public Review is enabled, patients are asked upon survey completion to leave a public comment about their experience. Read more about Public Review here.

Google review forwarding allows you to specify a percentage of these patients to route directly to a Google review page. This can be done at the organization or location level.

Setting it up

In order to use Public Review + Google, you will need to start by enabling Public Review for your organization.

Next, you will need to create a direct link to your Google reviews page. Once this is complete, add this link to the ‘Google’ field on your Public Review settings page if using global settings, or to the ‘Google’ field for each location if using location-specific settings. (For location-specific, you will need to create a direct link for each location’s Google reviews page--see Multiple Practice Locations below.)

Next, use the slider below the ‘Google’ field to set the percentage of your patients (up to a maximum of 90%) to route to your Google reviews page. A link must be present in this field in order to activate the slider. You cannot specify different percentages for different locations. 

Once you have added the link to your Google Business reviews page, we recommend testing the link in a new browser window and on a mobile device before saving the changes. If set up properly, the link will open the review form for your organization or location (not the Google search results). This will ensure you get the maximum benefit of Public Review + Google.

Note: If you obtain the link to your reviews by any method other than described in this article, it may not work properly on mobile devices.

Multiple Practice Locations
If your organization has separate Google Business pages for multiple practice locations, you can specify a separate link for each location. To set up Public Review + Google for multiple locations, navigate to your Public Review page and click the 'Settings' button.

On the Public Review Settings page, click the 'Location Specific' tab. Choose any location and a Location Settings pop-up will display. Add the Google Business reviews link to the Google field on the Location Settings pop-up.

Any location without a link will default to the link in the Global settings field, if present.

Note: The percentage of patients forwarded to your individual location review pages is based upon the percentage set with the slider under the Global settings field. This percentage cannot vary from one location to another.

In the Location Settings pop-up, add the Google Business reviews link specific to that location to the 'Google' field. Click Save.

Individual Providers
If you would like to forward to a separate Google link for individual providers, please reach out to your Client Success Manager for assistance.

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