On the Manage Users page, you can edit details, photos, and alert preferences for your organization’s users. Access this page by clicking ‘Users’ on the ‘Admin’ tab in your portal navigation.

You can use the search field or filter drop-down at the top of the Manage Users page to quickly locate a specific user. You may also filter by account type below. 

To edit a user’s details, click anywhere in the row for that user. The user details window will pop up.

Each tab on the user details window allows you to update certain information.

User Details
On this tab you can change the user’s name, email address, phone number, and birthdate. You can also reset the user’s password.

Change Photo
Upload or change the user’s photo. Click here for detailed instructions on adding provider photos.

Add Account
Use the ‘Account Type’ drop-down to select a level of access to grant to the user. Click here to learn more about user permission types.

Account Tabs
Additional tabs will display for each of the user’s levels of access. On these tabs you can adjust permissions and email alert settings, as well as disable or delete the user’s account.

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