The Provider Widget showcases your SurveyVitals actual patient ratings, top honors, and more, and is displayed directly on your website. Learn more about how it works and how to set it up here.

What are actual patient ratings?

An Actual Patient Rating is a rating or ‘score’ of a verified patient’s experience of care.

Actual Patient Ratings are distinct in that only verified patients can give feedback about their healthcare providers for a specific episode of care. These reviews are completed through a secure channel provided by SurveyVitals, eliminating issues associated with unverified and malicious reviews that can be common on popular rating websites.

For what time frame do the actual patient ratings reflect?

The number of actual patient ratings displayed is the total count for all time for that provider.

What makes up the star rating/what does it represent?

The star rating represents the composite star rating (out of 5) for that provider.

For what time frame is the star rating calculated?

The composite star rating displayed on the Provider Widget is for the past 90 days.

Why is the star rating only for the past 90 days versus all time?

Displaying the score for only the past 90 days captures any potential impact of change or behavior modification, such as if a provider improves in any lower-performing areas.

What if a provider doesn’t have any surveys in the past 90 days?

If there are no surveys in the past 90 days, the all-time rating for that provider will display instead.

If a provider practices at multiple divisions or locations, will the widget display performance at each division?

The mean score displayed on the widget is based on the provider’s NPI. Therefore, it reflects the provider’s activity across all divisions and does not break down performance for individual divisions.

How do healthcare organizations use the Provider Widget?

Many organizations create individual provider profiles on their websites, often as part of a directory. The Provider Widget, which includes the provider’s photo, can be used on these profiles.

Organizations who choose to include a reviews page on their website, may use the ‘Table Widget’ design to display widgets for all providers in the organization, in a table format.

How often is the data updated?

Provider Widget data is updated daily at 12:00 AM CST. However, provider photos are only updated once per week.

Once enabled, how long until data begins to populate in the widget?

The data will begin to display within 24 hours of enabling the widget. Provider photos are only updated once per week, so it could take up to one week for the photo to display on the widget.

Is there a minimum number of surveys required for a provider before the star rating displays on the widget?

No, there is no minimum number of surveys required before the star rating displays.

How do I set up the Provider Widget?

The setup process is easy, requiring that you copy and paste some code onto your website. For full instructions, view the Provider Widget Setup help article.

What do I do if I experience issues with the Provider Widget or have trouble setting it up?

Your Client Success Manager (see the Support tile on your portal dashboard) can assist with any technical issues with the Provider Widget.

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