In order for SurveyVitals to send surveys to your patients, you must send us patient data files that meet certain minimum data requirements. The minimum data requirements tell us who the patient is, where to send the survey, what date the visit occurred, and which provider the patient saw.

What are wildcard fields?

In your patient data file, you may also include other optional wildcard fields that may assist you in additional data analysis. Examples include:

  • Case Number (Anesthesia Record ID required for QCDR submission)

  • CPT Code (required for surgical outcomes survey)

  • ASA Code (required for surgical outcomes survey)

  • Race

  • Gender

  • Ethnicity

  • Preferred Language

  • Insurance Class Descriptor (i.e., insurance name)

Wildcard fields will not display in the Report Builder interface, but they are included in your raw data downloads.

How do I add wildcard fields to my data file?

As a part of the onboarding process, your onboarding specialist will work with you to set up your desired data fields.

If you wish to set up wildcard fields, you may contact your Client Success Manager for assistance.

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