With Public Review, you can drive verified patients to your Google Business reviews page to increase both your positive reviews and your search rank.

The one-month beta results for Public Review + Google yielded a 281% average increase in number of reviews, and an average star rating increase of 1.6 stars. Public Review + Google has proven to be a powerful tool in building a positive online reputation.

We have analyzed data for all of our clients using Public Review + Google and have identified the most influential factors that contribute to the highest success in utilizing this feature.

Data Uploads

Upload Quality

Organizations with better data quality are more likely to receive higher percentages of new Google reviews.

To improve your data quality, verify the patient’s current contact information at each visit. You can also gain insights into your data quality by reviewing error messages on the Upload & Status page under the Data tab on your portal navigation.

Upload Frequency

Clients who send data to SurveyVitals daily as opposed to weekly or less frequently, are more likely to see higher percentages of new Google reviews.

Upload Method

Clients who use an API to send data to SurveyVitals are more likely to see higher percentages of new Google reviews than clients who upload manually. Click here to learn more about SurveyVitals API.

Response Rate

The higher the survey response rate, the more likely an organization is to see an increase in Google reviews.

More specifically, the chances of a higher percentage of new Google reviews are much greater for organizations with a higher SMS (text) response rate.

To increase response rates, check out the best practices in the Five Ways to Boost Patient Response Rates article.

For a higher SMS response rate, it’s important to verify the patient’s current phone number at each visit. You may also ensure photos have been uploaded for all providers, as this may boost patient familiarity when they open the text survey request.


If you need additional assistance with data uploads or response rates, reach out to your Client Success Manager or contact us using the chat icon below.

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