What is the Monthly Trend Report?

Stay updated on your performance at a high level with the SurveyVitals Monthly Report. This report, sent monthly via email, provides a 90-day lookback at performance at every level, up and down trends, and survey and user engagement metrics. This monthly digest can guide you as you use the portal to drill down into your detailed performance data.

The trend report is available to organization, division, and provider users. The data included in each report depends on the user's access level.

How do I enable the Monthly Trend Report?

There are two ways to enable the Monthly Trend Report. These are both completed on the Manage Users screen under the Admin menu in your portal.

Enable for individual users

On the Manage Users screen, select the user for which you want to enable the Monthly Trend Report. Under ‘Organization Alerts,’ choose ‘Yes’ under the ‘Monthly Trend Report’ heading. Then click ‘Update.’

Enable for multiple users

You can enable the Monthly Trend Report for all users, or you can filter the list of users displayed on the Manage Users screen to include only those you wish to receive the email.

If applicable, filter those you wish to enable the email for, then click on the ‘Email Settings’ link in the upper left corner of the Manage Users screen. Choose ‘Yes’ for the Monthly Trend Report, and then click ‘Apply.’

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