Question Bank allows you to choose from hundreds of community-created questions to add to your surveys. Join others in asking trending questions and contribute questions of your own to the community bank. Questions can be filtered at the entity, audience, and performance levels or set to run for specific time frames in order to collect data most relevant and helpful to your practice.

To get started, first click the ‘Add Question’ button at the top of the screen to open the Question Wizard.

The Question Wizard will walk you through the process of selecting questions, assigning filters, and specifying time frames for delivery of your questions.

As you make selections on each tab, the ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the screen will take you to the next page of the wizard applicable to your selections. If at any time you wish to update any selections you have made before the ‘Finalize’ step at the end of the wizard, click on any tab to make changes or use the ‘Back’ button at the bottom of any screen.

Question Wizard Navigation

Welcome tab: On this screen, specify the survey to which you want to add questions.

Questions tab: Choose which questions to add to your survey by browsing or searching by keyword or category.

Low Comment tab: For select questions only, indicate if you wish to add low score comment prompts.

Filter Options tab: Indicate which types of filters, if any, you wish to apply to your questions.

  • Entity filters allow you to deliver questions to patients for specific divisions and/or providers

  • Audience filters allow you to deliver questions to select groups of patients based on demographic and procedure information

  • Performance filters allow you to deliver questions only when certain performance criteria are met

Entity, Audience, and Performance Filters tabs: These screens are accessible based on which filter options you selected.

Timeframe tab: If desired, set a target number of responses or a date range for delivery of your questions.

Finalize tab: Review your questions and filter settings, and set your questions live.

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