After you choose questions to add to your survey in the Question Bank, you can specify any filters you’d like to apply. Audience filters deliver the questions to patients who meet selected demographic criteria.

You can only apply each individual audience filter if you have the corresponding information mapped in the data profile for patient uploads to SurveyVitals. Any fields not currently mapped in your data will be grayed out. Learn more about mapping additional data fields here.

Audience Filter Options

To assign a filter, click in any desired field. A drop-down will display options that have been included in your patient data profile in the past 180 days. You can select from this list or you can enter information manually.

You may choose more than one option from each field. If entering manually, press the Enter key after each item.

As you assign audience filters, they will be listed under ‘Selected Filters’ at the bottom of the screen. Click the ‘X’ on any filter to remove it.

When you are finished selecting your audience filters, click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen. You will navigate to the next applicable section of the Question Wizard based on your filter type selections.

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