After you choose questions to add to your survey in the Question Bank, you can specify any filters you’d like to apply. Performance filters deliver questions only when a survey score is within a certain range for a specific question or question group.

First, choose whether you’d like to deliver questions based on mean score (Mean) or percentile rank (Rank).

Once you choose Mean or Rank, two sliders will appear for you to set a minimum and maximum performance range.

Use the ‘Select Entity’ drop-down to specify at which level you wish to calculate mean or rank to determine if questions are delivered. If you are using performance filters in conjunction with entity filters, both criteria must be met in order for questions to be delivered.

The ‘Select Timeframe’ drop-down represents the timeframe used to calculate performance to determine if questions are delivered.

Finally, select either a question or a question group. If you chose to deliver questions based on rank, you may only select a question group. To deselect a choice, click ‘Clear’ at the bottom of the drop-down.

In the example below, questions will be delivered when the percentile rank for communication is between 0-50% for the past 30 days.

When you are finished selecting your performance filters, click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen. You will navigate to the Timeframe section of the Question Wizard.

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