In the Question Bank, you can view details about custom questions running for any provider, division, or the whole organization.

Entity Tabs

  • Organization: Click the ‘Organization’ tab to view questions running for the entire organization

  • Division: Click the ‘Division(s)’ tab to view a list of divisions running custom questions; click any name in the list to view questions running for that particular division

  • Provider: Click the ‘Provider(s)’ tab to view a list of providers running custom questions; click any name in the list to view questions running for that particular individual

Viewing Questions

Click on the question text to view details such as response options, date added, question category, and the national baseline response count. For certain rating scale questions, a ‘Low Score Comment Prompt’ toggle also allows you to turn a low score comment question on or off for the question you are viewing. (Learn more about this prompt here.)

A colored circle next to any question indicates it is a gate question. The questions triggered by these gate questions are represented by an arrow of the same color.

Any filters assigned to a question will be listed in the ‘Filters’ column. Click a filter name to view the details or make changes. If there are no filters currently assigned, you may add one by hovering in this field and clicking the ‘Add’ button.

In the ‘Responses’ column, you can see the number of responses that have been collected over the past 90 days nationally. Click on any response count to see a graph over time of performance for this question.

To view the entire survey including core questions and custom questions, click the ‘Core Survey’ button.

Removing Questions

To remove a custom question previously added using Question Bank, click on the question text to expand the details. Click the red 'Remove' link and the question will be removed, meaning it will no longer run on any surveys for that entity or any entities inheriting that question.

Reordering Questions

You can move certain custom questions to be delivered in a different order within the survey. Click the ‘Reorder’ button. Questions with dots beside the question number can be reordered. Click this icon and drag the question to the desired spot in the survey.

Viewing Inheritance and Question Source

On the ‘Division(s)’ and ‘Provider(s)’ tabs, click on the ‘Org & Division Inherited Questions’ button to see which questions are assigned directly to a provider or division, and which are inherited from the organization or division level. This information will display in the ‘Source’ column. Learn more about inheritance here.

Resetting the Survey

To remove all custom questions for a provider, division, or the organization, click the ‘Reset to Parent Survey’ link. This will clear all custom questions and filters for the selected entity. Note: Questions inherited from a parent entity will remain.

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