After adding custom questions with the Question Bank, you can preview the survey at the organization level or for a specific division or provider. Click the ‘Preview Survey’ tab on the Question Bank homepage.

The Survey Preview screen shows you what your survey looks like to a patient based on entity and audience filters.

Use the survey drop-down at the top of the Question Bank screen to choose which survey to preview.

Question Types

In the survey preview, questions from the parent survey are labeled as ‘Core.’

Questions not labeled as ‘Core’ are custom questions currently running for the selected entity.

Gate questions are labeled and identified with a colored circle. The questions triggered by the gate questions are represented by an arrow of the same color.


By default, the survey at the organization level displays. To see what questions will be delivered for a specific entity, browse or search for a provider or division.

To see what questions will be delivered based on audience filters, click the ‘Filters’ link and enter any desired criteria or choose an existing saved filter. The survey preview will update automatically.

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