This quick reference will help you understand some of the terminology in the Question Bank.

  • Core questions: Pre-defined questions belonging to a standard SurveyVitals patient experience survey.

  • Entity: Refers to the hierarchical structure units of your organization. Entities can include the organization as a whole, specific locations or divisions, or individual clinicians.

  • Filter: Criteria that determine to whom and in which scenarios custom survey questions are delivered.

  • Gate question: A survey question that determines whether or not to display additional questions based on the patient’s response. Learn more here.

  • Inheritance: Questions delivered at the division and provider level based on being added at the parent division or organization level. Learn more here.

  • Mapped fields: Patient information sent in each data file to SurveyVitals. Learn more here.

  • Parent survey: A patient experience survey consisting of only core questions and no custom questions.

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