After you have created and saved a filter, you may edit the filter details. At the top of the Question Bank screen, click the ‘Saved Filters’ button.

A list of your saved filters will display. Click the ‘Edit’ button on any row to edit that filter. An editing modal will pop up.

Make any edits as desired. Refer to the help articles for audience filters, performance filters, and timeframe for additional information.

When you are finished, click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the screen. The changes will be applied to any questions the filter is currently assigned to.

You may also create a copy of an existing filter by clicking the ‘Duplicate’ button. In the pop-up edit modal, you can rename the filter and make any desired changes. Duplicate filters will not affect any current filters you have assigned, but can be applied to any new questions going forward.

The ‘Remove’ button will delete the filter and remove it from any questions is it currently assigned to.

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