With Question Bank, you can choose from hundreds of community-created questions to add to your SurveyVitals patient experience surveys. You may also contribute your own questions to the community bank.

Question Bank helps to preserve benchmarking capabilities while also giving you more flexibility in the questions you ask your patients. Question Bank allows you to deliver questions of your choosing:

  • For specific divisions and/or providers

  • To specific patient groups

  • Based on survey performance on a specific question or question area

  • Between certain date ranges

  • Until you have reached a target number of responses

Questions can be added to any survey for any division or provider, but only organization-level users have the capability to add questions with Question Bank. To get started, click on ‘Question Bank’ under ‘Customize Survey’ in the navigation in your portal.

Refer to the articles in the Question Bank section of the Help Center for detailed instructions on adding and managing questions in Question Bank.

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