SurveyVitals is proud to have a statistically significant and valid benchmark for our patient experience surveys. The large number of surveys completed across our client base creates a tight margin of scoring. The difference between a 4.75 and a 4.78 composite mean score may seem small, but can make a significant difference in percentile ranking.

For context, currently those with a 4.59 composite score on SurveyVitals’ national anesthesia survey, APSQ 2.0, are in the bottom 10% of clinicians while those scoring just 0.25 higher at 4.84 are in the top 10%. The same is true of the office-based survey, SPSQ. While externally these mean scores can appear favorably in the context of a star rating, when compared against peers it serves to highlight areas in which you are excelling and those opportunities for improvement.

*Based on national percentile ranking in 2021 for APSQ2.

We understand that patient experience insights are utilized by practices of all sizes and types, both for internal quality purposes and external data sharing. As such, SurveyVitals provides two data view options when creating a report using the Report Builder in your portal. For all charts and graphs, the default view is zoomed in on the Y-axis. This granular level of reporting helps to better visualize performance comparisons with such a competitive benchmark.

If you prefer to view your data in a less granular view, the ‘Expand Y-Axis’ button at the top of the Report Builder screen will display your data on a 1-5 scale throughout the report.

Expanding the Y-axis will give you a bigger picture view of your data. The same score differences that display in the zoomed-in view may appear more minified, as is shown in the example below.

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